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Fair Listing Policy

At PropertyPages we do not favor any subscriber over others. Agencies, Agents or Private listings are given the same exposure on our site. Unlike other sites where larger accounts receive a priority treatment or newest listings always appear on top we do not employ such tactics. The only exception we make is for Priority listings which are available and billed as add-on services. We do however limit the number of such ads on every page.

PropertyPages uses its own priority weighting algorithm aiming to provide fair listing slots for everyone. Constant updates of existing listings in hope to jump to the top of the search results, hence game the listing priority is discouraged and may even result in demoting listing priorities without notice. We also strictly prohibit multiple listing of same properties by the same owners or agents. We will enforce our Posting Rules to make sure we can provide a level playing field for all our customers whether private owner or small agent or large agency to allow every property a deserved share of limelight.

For ways to improve your chances of being found view our Help and Guides Section.

Concurrency of Listings

Unlike other portals, on PropertyPages listing quotas of subscriptions are not tied to a particular property. This is less of an issue for real estate agents but could make a difference for private owners using the Premium Subscriptions. If a property is rented out or sold the subscriptions remains active and the owner may use the remaining subscription period to list another property. It is even possible to create multiple property listings at the same time and switch between the properties during the subscription period.
For example, you could list a property for 30 days and then list another property for another 30 days. The number of listing creation differs between the packages. The Premium P5 package for instance allows you to publish up to 5 properties simultaneously of which 2 can be set as featured listings. During the 1 year subscription period you may create up to 15 property listings. You may also switch properties at any time.

Private Property Listing Guarantees

Some properties are more popular than others. Factors such as location, age or price play an important role in how often a property is found in search results and/or displayed. Since private adds have a fixed run time we will give every private add a "Display Guarantee" where ads stay active for another 30 days past their expiration until certain display counts are met or the total run time of the ad exceeds 4 months

Currently these viewing counts are set at:

  • 1,000 property detail views by at least 300 different users
  • 2,000 Featured displays
  • 5,000 occurrences and displays in searches
(we reserve the right to change these limits without prior notice and you are advice to check back on a regular basis)

To qualify for these the 30-day extension of your listing the following conditions must be met:

  • The listing must be confirmed after it expired.
  • The listing must contain at least 4 images
  • The listing must contain a property description of 200 words

(we reserve the right to change these limits without prior notice and you are advice to check back on a regular basis)

Keeping PropertyPages free of Junk Ads

Nobody likes to search for properties, read the details just to find out that the listing is outdated, fake or not even on the market anymore. PropertyPages is monitoring ads and actively engages with owners and agents to make sure listings stay current and accurate. Agent listings must be confirmed on a regular basis. Failure to do so will result in demoting a listing’s priority and eventual removal / deactivation. We will also follow up on reported Listing Problems such as Fake Owners, Location, Misleading Images, Off the Market to name only a few.