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Terms of Use and Purchase

Terms of Use

Please read carefully before using this web site as your rights and liabilities under the law may be affected by the terms and conditions. We reserve the right to change the terms and conditions any time and you should visit this page regularly to review the changes.

Users of SmartRealtor will be notified of any changes to the terms and conditions and they are required to accept them before being allowed to use the SmartRealtor website.

By using this site, you indicate that you have accepted the terms and conditions. You agree to use this website at your sole risk and are fully responsible for all the costs and consequence of accessing this website. PropertyPages Pte. Ltd., its directors, employees or any other representative or agents shall not be liable for any damages, losses, claims, costs or demands of any kind, whether direct, indirect, compensatory or consequential, related to the use of this website or the information content, materials or products included on this Site. These terms are governed by Singaporen law and any dispute will be resolved exclusively by the Singaporen courts.

PropertyPages Pte. Ltd. (201728861Z), which is incorporated in Singapore operates ("the website")

Everything on the website, from contents, text, designs, graphics, source code and software belongs to PropertyPages Pte. Ltd. Access and usage does not imply that you are licensed to use, reproduce, display or distribute any of the contents from the website without prior written consent from PropertyPages Pte. Ltd. All logos, graphics and trademarks displayed on the website, be it registered or unregistered trademarks are owned by their respective owners. The owners may enforce their intellectual property rights aggressively up to the maximum extend of the law.

Reasonable efforts are made to ensure that accurate and up-to-date information is listed in the website but PropertyPages Pte. Ltd. shall not be liable or responsible for errors, omissions or outdated information on the website. All the content, images, codes and software on the site is provided on an "as is" basis without any representation, endorsement or warranty of any kind, either express or implied, including, but not limited to, warranties of title, merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose or non-infringement.

You are solely responsible for the content of any submissions you make. Any submissions provided to the site must not violate the rights, privacy, copyright, trademark or any form of rights provided by the court of law. Information provided to PropertyPages Pte. Ltd. through the website or any other methods shall be the property of PropertyPages Pte. Ltd. The information, with the exception of email and telephone numbers shall be treated as public domain and it is classified as nonconfidential and non-proprietary.

PropertyPages Pte. Ltd. and its affiliates shall be free to use the information for any purposes. PropertyPages Pte. Ltd. reserves the right to transfer or sell the website and everything in it (contents, codes, etc.) to any third party purchaser without the need to inform end users, advertisers or its affiliated agents.

PropertyPages Pte. Ltd. reserves the rights to collect and collect information on your usage patterns through the use of cookies or tracking codes and software. PropertyPages Pte. Ltd. is free to use and share the information for any purpose.

Data mining or unauthorized collection of data, images, content, identities of clients and advertisers by any means are strictly prohibited. PropertyPages Pte. Ltd. reserves the right to restrict access to those who have found to abuse the services provided.

PropertyPages Pte. Ltd. reserves the right to terminate any relationship with advertisers or users without any compensation or written notice if they are found violating the terms of services and posting. No written appeal shall be entertained unless decided otherwise by PropertyPages Pte. Ltd.

Authorized hypertext links on this website is strictly prohibited. The website contains external links to third party websites and are provided solely for your convenience. PropertyPages Pte. Ltd. does not control and operate these websites and thus, are not liable for any damages caused by the websites and its contents or software or codes. By clicking on the links to external websites, you are solely responsible for any risks that may arise from that action.


Terms of Purchase

You are legally bound with PropertyPages Pte. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to "PP") when purchasing any products or services from PP and that includes the usage of SmartRealtor. You accept without limitation or qualification these Purchasing Terms and PP reserves the rights to modify these terms and pricing without liability and notice to you. Please check back this section regularly to ensure that you are familiar with the terms and conditions stated therein.

By agreement to the terms and conditions listed in this section, you also accept:

Listed below are the terms and conditions of the purchase:

  • The validity of any purchased services from PP is listed in the website and it will commence on the day the payment is made.
  • The types, quantity and features are indicated on PP's website and your official invoice.
  • Any utilized part of the purchased services will be forfeited when it expires.
  • Unutilized services purchased will not be carried over to new purchased services unless otherwise and explicitly agreed.
  • Any listings on and agent sites shall cease to exist once the purchased service expires.
  • The purchased services shall expire on 11:59pm on the date of expiration and access to nonfree features be limited until expired packages or services are renewed.
  • Expired and dormant accounts may be permanently removed from the website with all its data, images and videos after twelve (12) months from the date of expiration
  • PP shall not be liable for the account or data loss.
  • PP allows upgrades for certain packages or services with a run time of one year during the contract term. Upgrades during a running service term must include the same base packages and services and options. Upon a purchase of an upgrade, the starting date of the new purchase will be the date of payment and will have a run-time of twelve (12) months. Unutilized parts will be pro-rated in the invoice.
  • When upgrading from a lower-priced to higher-priced package, the new features or quotas that is present at the higher-priced package shall be made available immediately upon payment.
  • No refund shall be given for any purchases unless agreed otherwise.
  • PP does not appoint sales agents and purchases can only be made at the website or through direct communication with PP.
  • You shall not be subjected to any price changes that happen while your purchase is still active. However, PP reserves the right to revise its prices and such new price shall be used during renewal.
  • It is your sole responsibility to ensure your services are renewed in time to avoid disruption of services.
  • All prices mentioned are subject to GST.
  • While we try our best, PP does not guarantee that the products and services are interruption-free, secure bug-free and error-free, meet your requirements, can always be accessed through the channels that you use, any errors and bugs be corrected and any new features to be implemented.
  • PP reserves the right to terminate any services, purchased or free, and lock or remove accounts that are in violation off but not limited to PP’s Terms of Use. A three days’ notice with reason shall be given to the user. No refunds, compensation, indemnity, loss of distribution rights, goodwill or otherwise shall be honoured by PP
  • The laws of Singapore shall government the terms and conditions contained therein and any disputes or claims shall be subject to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Singapore.
  • Any questions related to the terms and conditions shall be sent to