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"With PropertyPages you don't just list your Property. You Present Your Property!"

There are tens of thousands of properties advertised at any given time and your listing is competing with each and every single one. Most property portals will tell you that they will generate superior leads and promise your listing will be found at the top of search engine search results and on their own websites. Reality however is that for every search there is just that limited number of properties that can be on top, and those making it there usually pay a premium. After a few days your properties are lost among the thousands and you either need to constantly change your property details or re-confirming the properties manually to push them back up.

Brochure Templates

Upload and Edit Images

Our approach vastly differs from other Property Portals.

Through our innovative and easy-to-use web based SmarRealtor™ software, PropertyPages aims to empower Property Owners, Real Estate Agents and Agencies to take control of their own destiny by generating valuable leads through multiple types of marketing.

With our superior and state of the art editing tools we will guide and help you to create a Property Presentation that will impress! Whether it is to edit your property images using our image editing tools, adding videos or creating professional looking flyers or brochures, our web based SmartRealtor is easy to use and does not require any special skills.

Optional social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook are integrated into our SmartRealor software, thus when you publish a property on PropertyPages you do not only post your property on PropertyPages but with the push of the button can publish the same on your own professionally created Twitter and Facebook fan pages.

Stunning looking Flyers and brochures created by our own publishing tools can be sent out via email or attached to your property listings. We even host your videos and you may upload of up to 5 videos... and if that is not enough you we provide you with the ability to schedule your own Open House events and let people know when you are holding them. Geo Location is used for nearby searches which allow users on mobile devices to find your property or when you are holding and OpenHouse event when they are in the vicinity.

Agents may use our own integrated Marketing Mailer mailing software to create their own newsletters to reach thousands of potential clients. Ready to use templates allow them to create stunning email newsletters in minutes. Send these out and receive immediate notification on who is reading, viewing these or clicking on links.

SmartRealtor and

SmartRealtor is PropertyPages' innovative platform to manage properties, websites and simplify daily operations of property owners, agents or agencies. A plethora of tools and functionalities are built in and are ready to use to make managing property listings and your business a painless task and in the process saving you time you can use focusing on your core business. With its add-on connectors to Twitter and Facebook you are able to publish your properties to multiple sites simultaneously. For Agents your listing may appear on PropertyPages, your own agent website (using your own domain), Facebook and Twitter extending the range of visibility. In addition, dynamic and template driven Brochure, Flyer or Catalogue creation tools allow you to send out professionally styled PDFs to interested buyers or tenants and the built in Marketing Mailer will allow Agents or Agencies to start professional email marketing campaigns with instant notifications of reads, clicks with detailed lead reports.

Please visit our SmartRealtor product page for a complete listings of functionalities.

With PropertyPages you don't just list your Property. You Present Your Property!

Advantages for Private Owners

With all the tools at your disposal and our Fair Listing Policies and Listing Guarantees you will be assured that your property will be treated fairly and on par with listings from Agents or Agencies. Other features like Geo Location searches or Open House event management make it easy for potential buyers or renters to find your property in nearby searches on their mobile devices.

If that is not enough to convince you then how about the fact that we treat your subscription as a concurrent listing. In essence, you may create multiple property listings but can only publish the number of properties on PropertyPages for which you signed up for. You may take one listing off and publish another one at no additional cost. If you opt for the Social Media add-ons you may post multiple properties on Facebook or Twitter at the same time. All this at a fraction of the cost of what other portals will charge you. View the full Private Owner functionality description here.

Advantages for Agents

SmartRealtor is the perfect tool for real estate agents. It will simplify the agents daily operations and run a professional web presence at a fraction of the cost. SmartRealtor takes away the complexity of property, contact management; social media and email marketing, scheduling of viewings to name only a few. Below is a summary of advantages agent accounts offer. View the full Agent Account functionality description here or visit the SmartRealtor page here.

PropertyPages Portal Publish profile and listings on Singapore's premium real estate property listing portal. Registered real estate agents can chose the perfect account for their needs and get access to thousands of potential buyers or tenants.

Own Agent Website Agents can run their own professional property website with 100s of property listings, news, testimonials etc. They can chose from themes and styling options to create their own unique real estate website. Among all the features an agent subscription offers, the integrated CMS (Content Management System) developed specifically for real estate agents or agencies is the most powerful one. Other portals may offer a personal home page but these are mostly listings in a different format with no additional functionality and often outdated in design. With an agent website created through SmartRealtor agents will take full control of their property portfolio and take their business to the next level. Agents will be able to run a fully database driven website that can rival portals and would cost tens of thousands of dollars to develop, manage and maintain by simply subscribing to one of our packages.

Powerful Marketing Tools Create PDF flyers or a property catalogue within minutes. Agents can offer their own newsletter subscriptions on their website and run their own email marketing campaign with powerful analytics tools.

Social Media Integration Pushing content with the click of a button to professionally styled Facebook and Twitter fan pages. It has never been easier to present a business on social media platforms.

Contacts, Viewings etc... Integrated contacts and notes management, open house scheduling or property viewing scheduling to name only a few are tools that help agents organize their business.

Research and Analytics Agents will gain access to our condo directory and the price analytics for condos or price developments per regions or property types. Daily updated stats of who is viewing ads split by website, mobile, or PropertyPages and from what regions will give agents an insight on where to focus their marketing or which properties or locations are in demand.

Concurrent Listings When managing a portfolio of properties, quotas of the subscription define the number properties that may simultaneously be publish on PropertyPages. Deactivated listings do not count against the quotas. Agents may add properties in excess of their assigned quota and swap them with already published listings if publishing quotas are reached.

Featured Listings Each subscription receives a number of concurrent featured listing spots. Agents may change the featured status of any of their properties in their portfolio as they see fit at no additional charges. Unlike other property portals, featured quotas remains for the duration of a subscription, thus they do not expire and agents won't need to purchase new credits throughout the year. We do offer priority advertising as a separate package.

Advantages for Agencies

Agency accounts are management accounts for agencies who employ dozens of agents. The agency account is a container that does not maintain its own property listing portfolio.

The agency website fully customizable and provides the same functionalities and features as agent websites with the only exception that it will draw the listings from linked agent accounts, thus leaving the administration of property listings to its real estate agents or property negotiators.

Agents remain independent and decide which properties or content such as news, events, profiles they wish to show on the agency (container) website. The agency then has the final say in what gets shown on their website.

Advertising such as Google AdWords can so be concentrated on the Agency website where each agent contributes or benefits from a consolidated advertising budget.

Agents stay independent and won't lose their work when moving to other agencies. They simply link their account to a new container.

Agencies and agents also receive discounts when applying for container packages.